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past cp Conferences
Our most recent conference was held in Milwaukee in May 2006. Click here for more information about that conference and its organizers.

Past conferences
2008: University of California - Santa Barbara
(hosts:  Anna Everett and Lisa Parks).
2006: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
(hosts:  Elana Levine and Carol Stabile).
2004: New Orleans, U.S.A. in May 2004
Sponsored by Tulane University
(hosts:  Joy Fuqua and Vicki Mayer).
2001: University of Bristol, UK in 2002

(hosts:  Margaret Montgomerie, Janet Thumim, Christine Geraghty, Jane Arthurs and Yvonne Tasker)
2000: The University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN http://emc.elte.hu/~metropolis/felhiv4.html
(hosts:  Susan Ohmer and Hilary Radner).
1999:  University of Western Sydney at Parametta, Australia
(hosts:  Jackie Cook and Virginia Nightengale)
1997:  Concordia University, Montreal
(hosts:  Chantal Nadeau and Martin Allor)
1996: University of Wisconsin-Madison
(host:  Julie D’Acci)
1995:  University of Washington, Seattle
(host:  Susan Jeffords)
1994:  University of Arizona, Tucson
(hosts:  Mary Beth Haralovich and Caren Deming)
1993:  University of Southern California
(host:  Lynn Spigel)
1992: University of Iowa
(host:  Lauren Rabinowitz)



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