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Console-ing passions board members
Current board members are:
  Jackie Cook, University of South Australia
  Mary Desjardins, Dartmouth College
  Anna Everett, University of California-Santa Barbara
  Jane Feuer, University of Pittsburgh
  Joy Fuqua, Tulane University
  Mary Beth Haralovich, University of Arizona
  Heather Hendershot, CUNY-Queens
  Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Elana Levine, Universtiy of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  Vicki Mayer, Tulane University
  Anna McCarthy, New York University
  Margaret Montgomerie, University of Derby, UK
  Lisa Nakamura, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Lisa Parks, University of California-Santa Barbara
  Lynn Spigel, Northwestern University
  Carole Stabile, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  Chris Straayer, New York University
  Mimi White, Northwestern University
Past board members have included:
  Dianne Brooks, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  Phebe Chao, Independent Scholar
  Julie D’Acci, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Marsha Kinder, University of Southern California
  Chantal Nadeau, Concordia University, Montreal
  Lauren Rabinowitz, University of Iowa
  Ellen Seiter, University of California-San Diego
  Sasha Torres, University of Western Ontario

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